There are plenty to do for the kids at Sølystgaard Camping.aktiv1 They can among other play on the playground that is centrally located on site, perched on a hillside so the parents can keep up with what their children are doing. On the playground we have a very popular carousel, trampoline, bouncy castle, swings, slide, float court and not forgetting moon-cars, which run from morning to evening.

aktiv2We have 1 km of fine beach with water slides, raft and jetty where kids are catching crabs or building sand castles, while mom and dad licks sunshine on the beach. Windsurfing is also very suitable.

Or how about inviting the wife / girlfriend with our heart-shaped Jacuzzi? Or how about
a walk along the water, with the 30 m high cliffs, to General Ryes redoubt where you have a nice view of Dragsmur, the narrow isthmus that holds together Helgenæs and the Mountains of Mols with the two inlets, EbeltoftVig and BegtrupVig. General Ryes redoubt was used in the three-year war in 1848-50, when Rye withdrew its troops from the border up through Jutland to Helgenæs.

The troops were shipped to Fyn, and then inserted into the decisive battle at Fredericia. The Danes won, but with heavy losses, among others also fell general Rye. In the Viking time the Vikings believed to have withdrawn their ships over the narrow isthmus, instead of sailing around. If you go to the north up to Fulgsø (2 km), you can get up to the Mountains of Mols, where there are many beautiful nature experiences, with its many hills and canyons that are made in the ice age.