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The children at Sølystgård Camping have many good hours. On the playground which is centrally located on the square, up on a hillside, so parents can follow what their children are doing. On the playground we have a very popular carousel, trampoline, bouncy castle, swings, slide, and not to forget moon-cars, which run from morning to evening.

We have 1 km of nice bathing beach with water slide, raft and bathing jetty, where the children run and catch crabs with their small nets, or build sand castles, while mom and dad lick sunshine on the beach. Windsurfing is also very suitable for, as we have 2 bays up of us, you can always find a real wind direction.

How about inviting your wife / boyfriend to our heart-shaped whirlpool, after an hour of tennis or other activity, it seems so nice relaxing afterwards.

Or how about a walk along the water, with the 30 m high cliffs, to General Rye’s Skanse, where you have a nice view of Dragsmur, the narrow isthmus that holds together on Helgenæs and Mols Bjerge with the two coves, Ebeltoft Vig and Begtrup Vig. General Rye’s Fortress was used in the Three Year War 1848-50, where Rye drew his troops from the border up through Jutland to Helgenæs.

The force was shipped to Funen, and from there deployed in the decisive battle at Fredericia. The Danes won, though with big losses, among others also fell General Rye.

In Viking times, the Vikings are believed to have pulled their ships over the narrow seaweed, instead of sailing around.

If you go north up to Fulgsø (2 km), you can get up in Mols Bjerge, where there are many beautiful nature experiences waiting, with the many hills and gorges that were made during the ice age.

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