Welcome to Mols Mountains! Natural Park.
The Mountains of Mols, or in Danish;MolsBjerge is one of Denmark’s magnificent landscapes. Followed the winding gravel roads and trails in the area you will experience a varied landscape of dense forest and open moorland hills with a great view of Mols-its coast.

The landscape:
Mols Mountains was created at the end of the last ice age where large tongues of ice came forward from the south up through Ebeltoft and KaloVig. Mols Mountains are formed from the material of sand and stone whichthe ice pushed up between them, and the ice masses in Jutland. The largest mountains are israndsbakkerne against west, composed of glacial sand and gravel. AgriBavnehøj is with its 137 m the highest.

sev2Visit Ebeltoft, an old market town which can reliably trace its history back to 1301. On 21 January this year, gave King Eric for city municipal charter, which meant that the city’s inhabitants under royal protection could perform civilian job as trade and Crafts. Walk down through the town with crooked half-timbered houses with many hollyhocks and cobblestones, down to the smallest town hall with a sinister dungeon below street level, so you think you are back in time.

sev3Board the world’s longest wooden ship, with the impressive rigging on the three masts protruding 50 m above the floor, and which can therefore be seen all over Ebeltoft, and provides a certain ambiance to the city, when there were ships in the harbor in the old days. The frigate had a crew of 430 men. Cabins and lounges are furnished as when the ship was built in 1860. The battery cover has in addition to its 30 guns, 23 figures illustrating life onboard.

sev4Djurs Summerland is recommended if you want a fun day with children. You find over 60 activities such as the Colorado River and Africa Land.

If you are more the thrill-type, you have to visit the tropical sharks in the Kattegat Centre. Take a walk through the glass tunnel on the bottom of the shark tank and come up close to the 2.5-meter sand tiger sharks, and many other tropical fish.