Camp Information

Camp Information 

Sølystgård Camping started as agriculture 150 years ago, so the farm itself has very thick walls made of boulders. In 1968 it was made into campsite and in 30 years, we have tried to renovate the farm with gentle hand, so that it now appears as a modern farm with a thatched roof and with respect for the past.


Sølystgård Camping is with gentleness built with respect for the original landscape, in many small terraces on different levels with great variation in vegetation and almost all are guaranteed to get a view of the sea that changes color almost every day.


We have 10 cabins with an areal of 16 square meters, which is located in a half circle with 4 sleeps, 2 bunk beds, an ottoman which can be used as a couch in the day and as a twin bed in the night. There is a little kitchenette with a refrigerator and a coffee maker. There are carpets on the floor. Besides this kind of cabins we also have a 45 m² big house with a bedroom, a living room     and a toilet only 40 meters from the water. Here you have a beautiful view over the water.

We also have a 30 m² big house with a bedroom located on a slope only 25 meters from the water, here you have an unique view over the water and the cliffs.


Please call for further information and reservation.