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Mols mountains National Park

Mols Bjerge is one of Denmark’s magnificent landscapes. If you follow the winding gravel roads and paths into the area, you will experience a varied nature with dense forest, and open heath hills with a wide view of the Mols country coast.

The countryside:

Mols Bjerge was created at the end of the last ice age, when large ice tongues shot up from the south up through Ebeltoft and Kalø Vig. Mols Bjerge is formed by the material of sand and rock, which the ice tongues pushed up between them, and the ice masses on Djursland. The largest hills are the ice edge hills to the west, built up of meltwater sand and gravel. Agri Bavnehøj is with its 137 m the highest.

Visit Ebeltoft, an old market town that can certainly trace its history back to 1301. On 21 January this year, King Erik Menved granted the town market town privileges, which meant that the town’s inhabitants under the king’s protection could perform civic activities, such as. trade and crafts. Take a walk down through the city with the crooked half-timbered houses, with many hollyhocks and the topped cobblestones, down to the world’s smallest town hall with a sinister dungeon below street level, so you think you are set back in time around Dick Turpin (Robin Hood).

Embark on the world’s longest wooden ship, with the impressive rigging on the three masts that rise 50 m above the floor, and which can therefore be seen all over Ebeltoft, and gives a whose atmosphere to the city when there was a ship in port in the old days. The frigate had a crew of 430 men. Cabins and salons are furnished as when the ship was built in 1860. In addition to its 30 cannons, the battery deck has 23 figures that illustrate life on board.

Djurs Sommerland can be recommended if you want to have a fun day with the children with over 60 play activities, right from the New Dinosaurland and the roller coaster Piraten.

If you are more into thrill, visit the tropical sharks in the Kattegat Center and the New Pingvin Center. Take a walk through the glass tunnel at the bottom of the shark tank and get up close to the 2.5 meter large sand tiger sharks, and many other tropical fish.